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Category: Book

The Phoenix Bearing Pearls - Description

The Phoenix Bearing Pearls – Description

[ 0 ] October 26, 2013

The book is a beautifully written emotional roller-coaster, true account of one woman’s triumph over physical loss, emotional abuse, addiction and compulsive behaviors. Despite life’s tragic offerings, the author is able to pursue a path to self-acceptance and recovery. This is an excellent self-help book for anyone searching for inspiration to enable a better existence, and […]

Book Update – Finally

[ 0 ] September 25, 2010

I am choosing to post my book update on the book page. If you read my blog on the bio page, you would find I have been busy and I was having a rough time for a few weeks. I was also in receipt of some major criticism. The criticism I got was good and […]

More Book 2

More Book 2

[ 0 ] May 5, 2010

This will be a short blog today, but I really could not help myself. I have been thinking about it and I read another cliche’ “feel good”, “don’t worry be happy” post today. If you have been following me for 2 seconds you know I truly appreciate all positive affirmations and it is best to […]

Book progress

Book progress

[ 0 ] May 4, 2010

Hi All, I have been asked about the book lately, thank you! The book is coming along and I am very pleased with most of it. I am my own worst critic like many but I want the book to match my vision for it. I have completed a number of sections and will be […]

Jodean's Book

A word about Jodean’s Book

[ 1 ] March 27, 2010

I’ve updated the Jodean’s Book page with a detailed look into my motivations behind writing the book, entitled “Stop Surviving and Start Thriving: 6 Steps to be a Better You.” I am targeting having the book out this summer, but in the meantime, definitely swing by the Jodean’s Book page (there’s a link in the […]