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Book Update – Finally

[ 0 ] September 25, 2010 |

I am choosing to post my book update on the book page. If you read my blog on the bio page, you would find I have been busy and I was having a rough time for a few weeks. I was also in receipt of some major criticism.

The criticism I got was good and it left me thinking about one thing, “what is the purpose of this book”? I kept going over and over that question in my head and it was not an easy thing for me to work out. I believe in the beginning as much as I stated the book was not a catharsis it was a little. It was helpful for me to write down almost an entire account of my life story and it is a good story but there are many good and superior stories out there. Furthermore, I am not a creative professional writer, which I have never made claim to and I was not trying to write the story per se’. “Not trying to tell a story” left me at a road block as well. I thought, “I have a story a good story but I wanted to focus it.” The purpose and my passion for this project is to use my story to provide all of the short cuts and insights I always wanted to have.

What I would have given to have someone tell me how painful therapy would actually be, or how long it would take to work through everything. Perhaps, I would have avoided it all if I knew how long it and painful it was all going to be, nonetheless, I think it would have been of help. Therapy was often frustrating because I wanted someone to give me the answers and tell me how to stop binging and purging, how to stop wanting to injure myself, how to stop hating every mirror I looked into and how to stop letting the past reality of the car crash run through my head. There were no answers for me and I became very frustrated that “it takes as long as it takes”. “What the heck kind of answer is that”?

My book is going to tell you all of those things and more. I am much more focused on the intense events in my life and not so much on the “story” and directly tell you how to work your way out of the behaviors and start living the life you can and deserve. It won’t be easy but I know I can help. I have been doing more research to understand different facets of the issues as well, meaning I had my dysfunctional way of handling my feelings and thoughts but someone else may use the same behaviors for different reasons.

I won’t be releasing book dates and such for a while. When the publishers tell me I will announce it. I am sorry again for the delays but I want the book to be as good as it can be and be worthy of your time to read it.


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