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[ 0 ] May 5, 2010 |

This will be a short blog today, but I really could not help myself. I have been thinking about it and I read another cliche’ “feel good”, “don’t worry be happy” post today. If you have been following me for 2 seconds you know I truly appreciate all positive affirmations and it is best to choose about 5 for yourself and say them out loud each morning and each evening before bed. My personal 5: “what ever happens today, I can deal with it, what ever may come”, “I feel successful no matter small the success”, “I am grateful for my sight and that I can walk”, “I am grateful not to rely on my past compulsions”, “all I need is more patience, my life will unfold for me as it will.”

Nonetheless, I don’t cloud reality and the way I feel sometimes with the cliche’ “quick fix” nonsense. The “ah ha!” moments in our lives are fleeting and usually not helpful in the long term. Most stories told to me with the intention to inspire me did the opposite, I felt worse. When I read about someone easily and quickly overcoming the loss of a leg or arm, I felt terrible about not being able to cope with my losses, both my physical and mental losses. The inspiring stories ended up disconnecting me further driving my depression and worthlessness along. Food was hardly a condolence for the pain I carried.

I know there are many people out there who don’t know how to dig out from their depression or feelings of shame about the way they feel or what they are doing. Our book will show you how to build a ladder for yourself and help you climb out of the gloom. We are going to show you how to plan for your success and how to plan for a relapse and get out to return to your recovery. I can’t wait for my book release to be the first book you will ever read that will truly be helpful for you and not speak about your need to be able to appreciate green grass and butterflies.

I should probably stop writing these teasers but it is hard to help it, I am so excited to be able to share all of this with you guys. Please stay tuned, I will release some excerpts ha ha which will really be a teaser.

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About Jodean: Jodean Petersen is a medical professional who is a survivor of more than 20 surgeries, brought on by a teenage car accident which shattered the left side of her face, destroyed her left eye, and claimed the life of her best friend. Having been helped by so many, Jodean now works to help others facing similar life challenges through the outreach community she is building at View author profile.

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