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Category: Biography

I've missed you!

I’ve missed you!

[ 0 ] September 25, 2010

Hi Everybody! I am, of course, sorry I have not been on my own website, particularly in light of the fact I said I would not neglect myself or be out of touch with you. A number of things have happened but most of the problem is my working hours have changed and I am […]

Jodean's Book

A word about Jodean’s Book

[ 1 ] March 27, 2010

I’ve updated the Jodean’s Book page with a detailed look into my motivations behind writing the book, entitled “Stop Surviving and Start Thriving: 6 Steps to be a Better You.” I am targeting having the book out this summer, but in the meantime, definitely swing by the Jodean’s Book page (there’s a link in the […]

Jodean Petersen

About Jodean Petersen

[ 1 ] March 27, 2010

Jodean Petersen is the Clinical Administrator at the Institute for Nerve Medicine, and senior applications specialist for the Neurography Institute in Santa Monica, California.  Jodean has been with NeuroGrafix, the parent company to both medical practices, since May of 2000.  Jodean has worked closely with the inventor of the MR Neurography and a variety of […]